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Unread August 29th, 2010, 01:59 PM
James Brody James Brody is offline
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Cool Buss Eyes

I’ve had 15 years exposure to David’s notions of human evolution and his data on a woman’s waist-hip ratio and her abilities to make and to find healthy, mildly disruptive males.

I also had just finished two days of politics, crowds, chants, and generally pretty good jokes about O. I was now 10 miles from home. My rear view mirror showed white clouds coming from my engine – in an MR2, it’s behind the driver – and the temperature gauge moved up even as I stopped for a light.

There was a Sunoco and a spot to rest, cool down, and find some water.
A square-jawed red head, about 25 years old and in command of herself, her cleavage, and the shop, sold me a couple of gallons of water for my wheezing car and a candy bar and iced tea for me.

I waited outside for the gauge to drop, ate my candy bar, drank my tea, and expected to add water several times in the remaining 10 miles.

Omigod! The filler cap was recessed under the left rear fender. I would need a funnel.

I went back, noticing a slender arm resting on the window next to the cash register. I was a bit surprised because my impression had been of a chunky girl. Was it someone different?

Nope. The same girl with the square face carried that cleavage on a slender frame. She gave me a paper funnel and then one more “just in case,” and I looked her in the eyes.

No pupils of grey, green, blue, or brown but a pair of black “X”s, each stroke about 1/2 long, one to each eye.

She leaped from attractive to addictive and I went from thankful to obsessed.

I’m 68, scrawny, often broke, and sometimes confused.

I want her….

And where and when in our 14 billion year history did my uncles or aunts snuggle up to a pair of double Xs?
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david buss, mate selection, wild eyes

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