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Unread January 30th, 2005, 11:18 AM
c2thayer c2thayer is offline
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Question Hello, looking for treatment + background

Hello, I would assume this forum is dedicated for the professional as opposed to the patient, however I'm trying to find resources/help.
I created this account for both my wife and I to use since we are trying to work as a team when applicable.

Background/why I’m here....
I'll try to use brevity as best I can.

Back in October of '04 I was arrested at my job and charged with possession of child porn with intent to distribute. For the first few days in jail, my wife was considering divorce (understandably). We talked on the phone daily and through our pastor and decided to go "with her gut" and stand behind me. After 17 day's in jail, she retained a lawyer and bonded me out at great expense (I did not ask her to do this, but I did tell her daily how terribly I missed her and my son [just shy of 3 years at the time] ).

This case is not settled yet and therefore I can only state common knowledge facts pertaining to it for now.
The evidence the state has is a number of nude (no couples and no sex) photos of teen and a couple pre-pubescent girls that I allegedly emailed and posted to some groups. There was no evidence found at our house or on either our home computer, or the one seized from work.
Given the gravity of the charges and the area I live in I/we are considering a plea agreement with no jail time but 3-5 years probation and 3-5 years in the sexual offender program.
In the interim of both the state and I considering the plea agreement, I went in for a sexual offender evaluation at my expense. I was given a background questionnaire, a IQ test (which I scored about 25 points lower than I ever have which is something im obsessing about. 25+ points!!!??) , a SAI test which the doctor stated in his report that although I was apparently truthful and in the "very low risk" category, that I was also in denial (I guess in relation to the charges), a Molest scale in which I scored "very low risk", a Rape scale also "very low risk" and the Able screen card sort test.
Now, of the tests, the only one I took issue with is that I feel his assistant gave me incorrect directions.... he told me to think of each person in the photo as "if you were in a sexual situation with them" after the first short test run I felt uneasy like I was supposed to judge them based on the photos as they were, not "as if you were in a sexual situation with them". If I WAS given incorrect directions, I think this would skew the results. As it was the way I took the test, I still did well considering what im accused of, however it showed I was sexually attracted to teens and young teens.
Also during direct questioning by the Doctor, I stated I was attracted to petite and skinny females..... This and the results of the Able screen are what are causing my relationship the most turmoil. My wife feels like she is excluded from the sort of people im attracted to and is "in the same state of shock and hurt" she was after my initial arrest.

I’m looking for any help/advice, resources.
I've looked for couple’s group therapy such as COSA, Recovering Couples Anonymous (RCA) , ect. ect., but cannot find a group within 100 miles (very disconcerting considering the metropolis I live in).
So it looks like a councilor for US. Therapy for me alone is pretty much a given in the sexual offender program, but im more concerned with US than ME.

Gotta get going to church, but I greatly look forward to any replies.
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