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Unread August 15th, 2010, 12:18 PM
James Brody James Brody is offline
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Arrow Mosqueteer Obama

“They Have a Right to Build” (also at

If they own the property and pass zoning! It’s odd that “rights” depend on the zoning committee. And it’s odd how many of us miss the first step: According to our founders, “rights” not only derive from God but also depend on reciprocity between individuals and our constitution. Islam and sharia have not and cannot demonstrate that reciprocity.
Some thoughts (a replay from an earlier issue):
1) BO, who cannot find a place for him and his family to worship on Sundays, uses government property for a Muslim celebration. This violates the separation of church and state that he usually endorses. The same principle applies to our State Department’s giving your money to build and repair mosques in the Middle East.
2) There is a fundamental violation of reciprocity – we grant rights to Muslims that Muslims deny to Christians and Jews. Reciprocity failures elicit tremendous waves of moral indignation and demands for retribution. It’s built into us. Contracts are cancelled, marriages ended, and wars fought over such things.
3) Islam is more than a religion, it is a political movement that takes property – including women – away from Jews and Christians and gives it to Muslim males. (Agnostics and atheists are hung from street poles and killed by stray dogs.) Ironically, Islam reinforces male and female roles that reach far back into evolutionary time. Instead of a higher refinement of human nature, Islam turns our soclal clock backwards 200,000 – 7 million years.
4) In an emergent way, our current problem, Mr. Obama, has the same reciprocity lapses as Islam.

Impeach and remove him….

Also, Dan Henninger: “…Imam Feisal should defend Christian minorities in the Middle East… Here, Mr. Bloomberg was preaching to the choir. Try it over there, where it really matters.
“We didn't discover tolerance. Islam coexisted for centuries with Christianity and Judaism. No more. Minorities such as Coptic Christians in Egypt or the Chaldeans and Yazidi in Iraq are being punished or driven out. Churches are destroyed, not built. In April, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, described the disappearance of Christians from the Middle East as ‘a possibility that appalls me.’ Iran this week sentenced seven Bahá'i leaders, merely for being Bahái's.”
Bat Ye’or’s series of books on the treatment of Christians and Jews:
Andy McCarthy; Read: Robert Spencer’s
Islamizing America – 20 steps:

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