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Unread November 12th, 2008, 04:03 PM
Hyp-storian Hyp-storian is offline
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Thumbs up my new (controversial) book may be of considerable interest to Ericksonians

Greetings all!

I thought that you might be particularly interested to hear that I just published a controversial and (I'm told) truly groundbreaking book on the subject of hypnotism that was designed to both dispel two centuries of myths and, for the first time ever, reveal the reasons why this phenomenon, which has so much potential to benefit mankind, has instead always had such a terrible image among both the general public as well as (most) health-care professionals.
What's more, it would also be an excellent resource for anyone wishing to know about, or undertaking a serious study of the subject- especially Erickson's "Utilization" approach; because although Part I is a historical overview of the "Authoritarian" approach up to the mid-20th century, Part II is devoted to debunking the folly of the "Standardized" or "Traditionalist" approach (in a scholarly-though-highly-irreverent manner); and Part III deals with the "Ericksonian" model in a manner which will make it a highly complementary precursor to the brilliant works of Zeig, Lankton, Rossi, Gilligan, Yapko, Haley, etc.

You can even read a number of selected chapters from Parts I & II which I've made available for free on my website:

Although it's a scholarly work (distilled from over 500 ancient and modern references in English, French, German and Dutch (I lived in the Netherlands for 31 years), I nevertheless took great pains to write it in a breezy, "reader-friendly" style (replete with dark, sarcastic humor whenever applicable) so that it would be enjoyable to read, and would appeal to college students as well as professionals.
For this reason alone, a healthy sense of humor will be a necessary prerequisite, and all others need not bother to even look...

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

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