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Unread February 14th, 2008, 06:55 PM
James Brody James Brody is offline
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Talking Why Him and Not Her?

Frederick Douglas once told a suffragette, "We get to go first because more of us were lynched." Bill Bennett, 2/13/08, 8:30am, interview with Candy Crowley of CNN
The oddity, an inconvenient fact that Al Gore loves: she's out of money and behind in the polls by double digits despite being the "smartest woman in the world."


Handicaps and Markings:
Some naturalists give us some hints in their book, The Handicap Principle: A Missing Piece of Darwin's Puzzle. That is, the stripes and spots on a wild creature do not mark its species membership but its social and reproductive standing within its local group. Further, the more outrageous the display - whether the eyes on a peacock tail or the stripes on a fish or zebra - the better its reflection of resistance to parasites and genomic stability. Behavior rituals appear to have a similar function.

Symmetry is beautiful to us because it reflects developmental stability.

Humans, of course, make their own displays from the clothes, jewelry, tattoos, and scars they collect and the subtle challenge is to be outrageous but not bizarre. Again, the more extreme your costume that you carry but without seeming bizarre, the better catch you must be. There are two relevant audiences: members of your own sex and those opposite you. The first is the more immediate: bolder signals - colored patterns on you suit and the quality of your voice - lead to larger territories which, in turn, lead to more partners. Fourteen million votes have been case in Democrat primaries, seven million in Republican.

Dinichism is a factor in this carnival.

"Dinichism" (Coss & Moore, 1998, 2002) refers to the separate environments arranged by two sexes of the same species. In humans, perhaps more than in other species, females eventually move into niches that were pacified by males. This story goes back several million years when males appear to have come out of the trees a million years before females joined them. Nowadays, truckers, bikers, university faculty, and their students find that females continue to displace males and at a noticeable pace. The relationship between territorial size and female willingness to move in might be considered as one more expression of dinichism: the salient environment is not the trees and meadows but the bright bossy guy that patrols them. (A Mencken moment: females like guys with larger territories not only for the resources but also because they won't see him as often!) In any case, Hillary follows Bill because it is her turn and is fortunate that her adversary makes her appear to be experienced. But, there is more to this story.

According to Wiki, narcissistic personalities have an excess sense of self-importance, of entitlement, and needs for admiration. Those are the positive traits! The negatives include a lack of empathy, exploitative behavior, envy, and arrogance.

Narcissists sometimes reveal themselves by the material that depresses them: loss of titles and admiration may count more than loss of money. Such losses elicit spite, cries of "unfair," nasty, vocal irritability, and throwing china against the wall.

In birds, apes, and the relatives of apes, the harmony in a voice and its match to a face warns of untrustworthiness to even the dummies among us. "Omigod, can you imagine listening to THAT for four years?!!!" has been said more than once. And many women, often suspicious of Hillary, rallied to her side when, humbled, she cried after being asked, "Who does your hair?"

Irritability and complaints are efforts to pull you niche into a better fit with you. They also signal clumsiness, frustration, and that you are not the smartest woman in the world. Obama, thus, sings clearly and confidently, saying little beyond what a great guy he is. Even one of McCain's top advisers, a male, Mark McKinnon, will support McCain from the sidelines of Obama is nominated. "I met Barack Obama, I read his book, I like him a great deal," said McKinnon. "I disagree with him on very fundamental issues. But I think, as I said, I think it would a great race for the country."

He ain't the only one in the herd and many democrats - who would have abandoned Hillary for McCain if it were not for Obama - will keep McKinnon company...


American Psychiatric Association (1994) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders . (4th ed.) Washington, D.C.
Coss, R., & Moore, M. (1998) Preschool girls differ from preschool boys in recognizing the utility of an arboreal refuge site. HBES 10th Annual Meeting, Davis, CA, July 8-12. (
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Zahavi, A. & Zahavi, A. (1997) The Handicap Principle: A Missing Piece of Darwin's Puzzle. NY: Oxford.

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