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Unread October 13th, 2004, 10:19 PM
James Brody James Brody is offline
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Default Networks: Two Losers, the Election, & God Bless America

John Batchelor (WABC radio, 770 AM, NYC, about 12:16 am, October 9, 2004) commented that the election is like the Sox losing: we all know what will happen but we have to live through the experience.

Bush's stammers give every indication of performance anxiety. He loses audience for mannerisms often corrected by practice, good friends or by a shot of propanolol (a beta-blocker used legally and effectively by concert pianists and illegally by Olympic marksmen), Valium, or Jim Beam.

Kerry, on the other hand acts like both a grandstand hot dog and a coward, narcissist, and psychopath. None of these traits respond to medicine or talk therapy: all respond to tight supervision but only while their carrier is watched. Evolution applies here: Bush runs for legacy, Kerry runs to stay out of the brig.

It strikes me that we may not want a competent president. The clumsy and distracted are anchored by legions of bureaucrats around them but a talent such as Clinton mobilizes the vast media resources now available. Introduce a crisis or a financial crash and Hitler steps forward. Batchelor closes his program every night with Kate Smith's rendition of "God Bless America."

God bless America...

James Brody
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