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Unread April 27th, 2008, 06:20 PM
James Brody James Brody is offline
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Question Roles of the Left and Right

Dr. Goldberg,

I've enjoyed some sections of The Executive Brain , puzzled over others, and clutched onto still others as if they were my own. This last refers to your ideas on the functional differences between the left hemisphere and the right and your supporting descriptions of Yakovlevian torque, sex differences, differences in trauma outcomes for children in comparison with adults, and some of the imagery differences that appear in new vs. familiar tasks.

The L/R specialization fits very well with ideas from evolutionary-developmental biology - genetic components duplicate themselves, compartmentalize, vary, and explore - and have been a significance advance from Arthur Wigan's book and the later contributions of Bogen, Sperry, and Gazzaniga. (I even have a Bogen reprint - I think #42 of 240 - of Wigan's text!)

Given my obsessive nature, I need to know:

1) Information beyond that in Executive Brain that confirms the model that you proposed.
2) Some of the objections that I may encounter from the skeptics.
3) Are there data that elicit doubts in your own thinking?

I would also enjoy sending you the several pages from my own book (rebellion: physics to personal will) that describe your work. (Please send an address by the Behavior Net email or to

Meanwhile, you might appreciate the following remark by a fictional detective, Philip Marlowe: "There are things that are facts, in a statistical sense, on paper, on a tape recorder, in evidence. And there are things that have to be facts because they have to be facts, because nothing makes any sense otherwise." Philip Marlowe. (Chandler R (1958/1988) Playback. NY: Vintage, 135.) I have Marlowe's sense of things most mornings between 2-3 AM when I wake up take dictation from whatever it was that had worked for the past few hours, sometimes rearranging previous ideas, resolving contradictions and finding new ones.

Many thanks...

Jim Brody
James Brody, Ph.D.
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