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Unread September 30th, 2004, 10:02 PM
Judy Weiser Judy Weiser is offline
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Vancouver Canada
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Default PhotoTherapy Website NEW UPDATES/ADDITIONS!

I would like to announce that there has been a *MAJOR UPDATE* (and some NEW PAGES added) to the "PhotoTherapy Techniques in Counseling and Therapy" website, at:

In addition to changing the font on the entire site (and adding several "drop-down" sub-menus) so that it is much easier to read -- THE FOLLOWING HAVE RECENTLY BEEN ADDED/IMPROVED:

- 1) -- 28 new listings on the "Theses & Dissertations" page;

- 2) -- 34 new people on the "Who is Doing What, Where" page (15 to its PhotoTherapy Section, and 19 to its Therapeutic Photography one);

- 3) -- 37 new websites added on the "Related Links" page;

- 4) -- There are now "Site Summary Pages" available in French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, and Korean! (link for these can be found at the top right of the HomePage);

- 5) -- The number of listings on the "Recommended Readings Page" have nearly tripled, and the list has now been separated into now being four *different* Bibliographies:
--------- a) "PhotoTherapy",
--------- b) "Therapeutic Photography",
--------- c) "VideoTherapy", and
--------- d) "Related Photographic Cultural Studies/Education & Visual Anthropology/Sociology" (which includes Research also)
--------- -- and one can now also download (as a word.doc) an even longer list of additional useful readings in PhotoTherapy;

- 6) -- It is also now possible to download (for free) ALL of my published articles and book chapters about PhotoTherapy, including the *entire first chapter of my book* (as well as my "HIV/AIDS-related counseling" publications also) -- just by clicking on the links on located on my Publications list (see bottom half of the "Bio" page);

- 7) -- There is now information about the PhotoTherapy Video on the site's "Book & Video" page;

- 8) -- And there is an *entirely new* page at:

which contains the details of the case proven against Rosy Martin for her plagiarism of my book (and also David Krauss' writing) in her 1997 Chapter for S.Hogan's book with Routledge

-- this new page also shows the formal apology "Erratum Notice" that was issued as part of their agreement to settle this case...

- 9) -- Several new listings have been added on the "Upcoming Workshops" Section of the "Training and Education" Page (including the Pre-Conference Course and later presentation at the AATA Conference in November). And the previous problem has now been fixed -- so now it *IS* finally possible to see my current Workshop schedule at all times (lower half of that page)!


- 10) -- *Please* don't forget the increasingly-active *"PHOTOTHERAPY DISCUSSION GROUP"* page linked directly from a "Button" on the site (no membership required).
- It has fascinating postings from people in over a dozen countries -- there's some very exciting networking and discussion happening there (maybe you'd like to add your own?)!

- You can also go directly to that Discussion Group page if you prefer:

**~ SO... if you haven't visited the site recently, PLEASE go have another look, because there's a *LOT* of new and exciting people, websites, and other recently-added info there now!


- If *YOU* have any information that you think should be added on any of the site's pages
(such as a Thesis/Dissertation? Recommended Readings? Links that should be added? Perhaps your OWN paragraph for the "Who's Doing What, Where" page?? and so forth),
- Then PLEASE send it to me at:
- (or if that bounces back as "full", then to:

- I hope all this interests you -- and thanks for reading,

- Judy
Judy Weiser, R. Psych., A.T.R., Director
PhotoTherapy Centre

Last edited by Judy Weiser, RPsych, ATR; September 30th, 2004 at 10:07 PM. Reason: needed to shorten title to meet your (unstated!) length limits
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