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Unread June 9th, 2009, 12:22 PM
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Arrow Charles Murray: Interview w Bill Bennett

Murray is another one who throws dead cats into sanctuaries. ( Steyn and Murray say similar things…Murray has more data.)

1) European kids believe they are a bunch of chemicals, their job is to pass away the time as pleasantly as possible until their assembly breaks down. No kids, no marriages, no community involvement. The state takes over the job of the family.

2) However, human beings hardwired in ways startling to modern intellectuals. (As we learn these things, the social sciences increasingly driven by the physical sciences.)

3) The top of American society: affluent, gated, isolated. “Nothing needs fixing.”

4) The lowest social economic, white, non Hispanics, now have a 40% out-of-wedlock birthrate, up from 9% in 1970. The rate is 5% for upper SES kids.

5) The European model conveniently takes problems off the backs of the upper SES, except to pay the bills.
Murray predicted some of these changes in 1988 with his essay, “The Coming of Custodial Democracy.” Is he rigid? Was he correct? And is he correct in his summary of BHO: A supremely confident, supremely incompetent individual who—as Alinsky trained him—tells attractive stories.

Murray interview with Bennett n 6/9/09:

See also Charles Murray (2009) “The Happiness of the People” Irving Kristol Lecture, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research.

“To become a source of deep satisfaction, a human activity has to meet some stringent requirements. It has to have been important (we don't get deep satisfaction from trivial things). You have to have put a lot of effort into it (hence the cliché "nothing worth having comes easily"). And you have to have been responsible for the consequences.

“There aren't many activities in life that can satisfy those three requirements. Having been a good parent. That qualifies. A good marriage. That qualifies. Having been a good neighbor and good friend to those whose lives intersected with yours. That qualifies. And having been really good at something--good at something that drew the most from your abilities. That qualifies. Let me put it formally: If we ask what are the institutions through which human beings achieve deep satisfactions in life, the answer is that there are just four: family, community, vocation, and faith. Two clarifications: ‘Community’ can embrace people who are scattered geographically. "Vocation" can include avocations or causes.

“It is not necessary for any individual to make use of all four institutions, nor do I array them in a hierarchy. I merely assert that these four are all there are. The stuff of life--the elemental events surrounding birth, death, raising children, fulfilling one's personal potential, dealing with adversity, intimate relationships--coping with life as it exists around us in all its richness--occurs within those four institutions.

“Seen in this light, the goal of social policy is to ensure that those institutions are robust and vital. And that's what's wrong with the European model. It doesn't do that. It enfeebles every single one of them.’

“First, I will argue that the European model is fundamentally flawed because, despite its material successes, it is not suited to the way that human beings flourish--it does not conduce to Aristotelian happiness. Second, I will argue that twenty-first-century science will prove me right.”
Worth saving…

See also: “Thank God America Isn’t Like Europe – Yet”
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