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Unread July 16th, 2006, 11:16 PM
Fred H. Fred H. is offline
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Default Re: Emotions versus Reason?

MM: Rational persons (in any particular context) are simply those for whom rationality provides sufficient emotional rewards (in that context) for them to follow their rationality - rather than other sources of emotion.

More specifically, this means that their belief systems are populated with beliefs that have been tested rationally.
Yes MM, I of course can understand how you “feel compelled by your emotions” to “believe” that “rational persons” are “simply those for whom rationality provides sufficient emotional rewards”—because for you, believing that “rationality” (although you don’t, and can’t, define specifically what “rationality,” or your so-called “institutionalized rationality,” is or how it could ever be objectively defined/identified/discerned) provides sufficient emotional rewards for “rational persons” (although again you don’t, and can’t, define specifically who/what a “rational person” is or how such a person could ever be objectively defined/identified/discerned), is obviously what makes you yourself feel good, and, using your “axiom,” you’ve “used your brains to justify it.” Hello?
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