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Unread June 14th, 2007, 06:45 AM
James Brody James Brody is offline
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Default Katie C Meets Evolution

Katie can do Mom, best-girl-friend, classroom volunteer, or lost-love-from-high-school but she can't do the news. This is the pitch from NY Post columnist, Cindy Adams, and blames Katie's problems on feminists who want her to be more like them, that is, more like a guy.

Hold your chest, sit down, breath slowly, and take a nitro tab: I agree with the feminists!

Adams, in "Anchor Chair Still Fit for Men," rants:
"ENOUGH already with the Katie Couric thing. We know this anchor has a canker. Ratings are going down. Ratings are going even downer. Enough already...Katie is never never never ever never ever never ever going to pull it off... CBS execs came to my house for lunch...I laid out why it would not's gritty realities...must be delivered in lower notes...If that's sexist, sorry. It's fact. What God giveth, CBS cannot changeth. Her girlish voice, girlish figure, girlish face is why we adored America's sweetheart...And we, the women and the writers ...attacked her clothes, her lip liner, her hair. Is it because we're mean lousy rotten bitches? Maybe. Maybe it's also that she did not fit into that collective consciousness of an anchorman/woman/person. Maybe we didn't know what was wrong, we just knew it wasn't right. Maybe somewhere somehow we wanted to support her as a female but we also needed a figure in a navy suit and striped tie seated in a chair not on a desk."

I'm reminded of Charles Murray: there is an overlap in male and female psychological assets but adding one female to lists of scientific distinction means skipping one hundred nineteen males with equal qualifications. Such may be true not only for science but also for alpha roles in or out of the media: You have to go through a lot of female applicants to find a good one. Hillary Clinton is not Maggie Thatcher or Golda Meir and acts like a cheap hustler in comparison.

And Katie's problem may not be how she speaks but what she says. That is, deep and loud gets noticed but big, loud, and silly gets ignored. Likewise, I can handle shrill and pointed. Coulter hooks my notice while she also makes me groan "Thank the gods that she ain't next door." There are, however, some women who don't fit Katie's pattern, or for that matter, that of Laura, Tammy, or Hillary.

Kim Komando ( keeps me awake at 11 PM on a Saturday night not because of her great looks (far better than Kouric!) but because of what she tells me about computers. Kim also leads with kindness: she puts up links or sends personal email solutions for problems too esoteric for radio, she arranges for modified computers for wounded veterans, and she always knows where someone with a promising kid and a tiny budget can get a better buy on a machine.

Rollye James (M-F, 10 PM until 1 PM) has a deeper voice and smells conspiracies better than Art Bell and crew but she also breaks stories weeks before mass media pick them up. (She led on the Ramos-Campeon scandal and was immediately onto the triumvirate of Bush-Gonzales-Sutton.) She reminds me of a guy in other ways: she knows her music (especially doo-wop and related genres and should have national standing as an expert), she resonates with trucker audiences, and has worked in thirty-seven cities. (She ain't that old: bills or arguments with management? I suspect the latter. Fortunately, the Net allows her to live anywhere, work for her own ratings, and dig up her own sponsors.) She can be nutty on specific issues, she can also be consistent in ways that help me ignore her bizarre stuff. (She's not on many stations: find the list at her home page and try to pick her up on station websites.)

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