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Unread May 30th, 2005, 12:42 PM
A. Karimi A. Karimi is offline
Join Date: Dec 2004
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Post Near Death Experiences...

I am here to share a state of mind I have encountered repeatedly over the years...
In my work with patients, I have seen many of them expire before my eyes... However, I have noticed them, hours before they death, talking about the existence of another person in the room... existence of a "stranger" in the room...
They point at the stranger, sometimes (when I express doubts about it) they push my face in that direction, like saying, "There, look... see..."
There are some patterns typical of this "state of mind" they go through... patterns such as, faster speech tempo, tension, fast movements, attempts to run away, a marked change in voice... but most strange is the energy they experience, which is very unusual for a patient with their physical illness...
About a month ago, I was seeing a patient in the intensive care unit, who actually got into such a state... he did not talk about the existence of a stranger, but he said he is told that a "stranger" is on his way to the Hospital... and he was explaining to someone (apparently not me, though we were the only two there) that he has people he has not seen yet, and that he must see them... all the patterns were consistent with the patterns I have seen in others previously... I stayed there till the patient slept...
The next day I asked the patient about his recollection of the previous day events... he remembered, everything untill the hour he went through this state... obviously he had Amnesia for that part... and when I asked him about the "stranger", he got nervous asking quickly, repeatedly, in fast tempo, "what stranger", which I dismissed as, "don't worry, it's not important"...
In a little while, he was asking me if there was anybody else in the room... and my reply was No...
I have never Hypnotized this person before...
I would appreciate an explanation...
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Unread May 31st, 2005, 06:48 PM
Stuart Moore Stuart Moore is offline
Join Date: Apr 2005
Posts: 10
Default Re: Near Death Experiences...

No idea at all. But I am reminded about something that my old martial arts teacher said once. He is a true master not an american with a black belt. He asked during one class if anyone wanted to get a visit from their grandfather. By this he meant, did anyone want to volunteer to be choked until he lost consciousness. He proceeded to talk about his old days training in Korea and how the students would choke each other in such and such a manner and how relaxing it was to be gone and come back. It happened to me once (getting choked) very briefly. I felt myself continuing to be at the level of my six feet height while my body was falling downward to the matt. I caught up with myself. Didn't see my grandfather (at least not that I remember). My two cents worth. stuart moore.
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Unread July 15th, 2005, 11:57 PM
Rameet Singh Rameet Singh is offline
Join Date: Jul 2005
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Talking Near Death Experiences re: a reply and explanation to ur question and thoughts

very simple explanation.. Something that science does not believe or elaborate on is the existance of the other side, another dimension. We live on earth, yet many of us fail to see or believe in something taht exists beyond this place we call earth. Some of us are able to be intune with higher frequency and higher vibrations, and the man u said that could see other Beings that u couldnt see were souls or "spirits" that belong to the higher frequency... many many times people who are in critical care or near death experieces are able to have a glimps of our spirit guides,, or beings that exist and look over us. THink of it this way.. u see a fan and u are aware that it has wings, however when we turn a fan on the wings are moving so fast taht we cannot see the wings,, they are at a higher vibration.. so this is the same idea,, many psychics are able to get intune with this higher vibartion and frequency and are able to see many things that the normal human eye cannot. yes this is something many doctors or scientists to not understand, But they are so caught up in the belief that if THey dont see it then It does NOt exist and is not true, but fail to understand taht Other people may be able to see it, see things that not everyone can, and it Does exist

rameet singh
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