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Unread May 1st, 2005, 04:07 PM
AndyFletcher AndyFletcher is offline
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Question Sexual Behaviour/Christian Doctrine, Opinions

I apologize if I didn't place this in a appropriate sexual discussion segment of this forum as I felt they were oriented to a specific therapy.

My story.

I am part of a Christian Forum group and we discuss theology and dogma and related topics. I don't wish to have this thread go into a religious debate, but I simply desire sound supporting information from a psychological viewpoint.

It is their belief that lust is a mortal sin which I do not dispute, but it is my view that anything of sexual culpability must be considered mortal based on their belief standard and the very nature of sexual psychology. They believe that depending on the action, the sexual actions have various degrees of seriousness. It is a them and us ideology. In essence, "WE, the 90% of the population may take an innocent doubletake on occasion, but THEY, the 10% are culpable of desiring another outright."

I advance everything is culpable, if that is their standard, because all libidoed sexual activity has sexual gratification as it's objective, which in turn is the conscience/unconscience desire for sexual copulation.

I feel that sexual deviance and fetishes are a manifestation of the desire to gratify the complete sexual act of copulation, but the subjects cannot fulfill this desire due to psychological reasons of some sort, such as substitutive gratifications, the cause perhaps low self esteem, extreme shyness, or whatever the barrier a specific person may have. Their could also be simply because of convenience, for instance a peeping Tom could marturbate while looking through a window while a couple mate. He may very well have his own readily available partners, so it becomes a reason of instant gratification, or, it is substitutive. A person may look at a well endowed female for instance, or well endowed male. Even vanity is a tool to assist the assurance of a sexual act.

In my view all these behaviors either have the conscience or unconscience end of copulation as the end desired, and as such, and I stress, based on THEIR standard all are culpable because of the defaulted end it wishes to satiate. They don't see it this way of course, after achieving their dogmatic end of delegating their unwanted to the abys.

Another indicator that adds weight to my argument, are the sexual factors of physical orientation to the act. Libido is seen as an unifluenced temptation no different than any other, the scribes of old not into modern chemistry and medicine would not have known of hormonal influences. But it is obvious that this is a programmed behaviour of nature, built in to ensure the continuance of the species, and apart from the run of the mill mortal sin. One would think since this came to light, dogma would change.

I'd appreciate any help in this matter, and I could be well off base on this. I feel there is something intrinsicly wrong with this dogma as it pertains to this area of our being. I guess in a nutshell I'm saying if they want to press this on us, they'll have to encompass all of the factors, not those they find convenient to their cause.


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