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Mr. Lankton,

May I ask a few questions here for my growth?

(1) Our existence is an internal experience. I feel the only way I can understand others is by projecting my own feelings and understanding on them. But somehow I have come to a vague idea that there probably exist some way by which I can experience others as something different from me. Am I wrong? Could you put any light on this?

(2) Each of us has our conscious and unconscious systems. Sometimes we avoid knowing things about ourselves but easily let others know about those hidden facts. Why this happens? Is it true that unconscious is like an open book and one can read as much as one is able? Is it because allowing others know our unconscious satisfies certain psychological need? Is there any measure that encourages knowing the self and discourages unconscious confession?

(3) To understand one we need to closely observe one's verbal and other motor behavior. But what kind of observation is exactly required to know one till one's root? I read Dr. Erickson taught how by looking at a person one can tell that the person works as a policeman. What suggestion will you have for a beginner like me so that I can understand the basic facts about a person? Is it just an art of history taking or something more?

(4) I have seen some visiting consultants who give advice to their patients over telephone and at the same time check another patient's records and even write important prescription. Apparently their brain works faster and is efficient in multitasking. In contrast, when I try to observe someone my verbal ability gets greatly impaired. Is it only a matter of practice and habit? Could you tell me how my brain is different from theirs?

Thank You
Chayan Das
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