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Default Re: The Political Brain - More Evidence of Evolved Psychology

MM: If the Constitution and Bill of Rights were supposed to enshrine a place for your Christian god in our government, as you claim….
Of course I never made such claims. But MM’s false and bizarre accusation here (along with many others here and in various other of her posts) does suggest that her so-called hypothesis—that we’re “driven by emotion to do what we do . . . driven to seek an emotional payoff for it”—is pretty much how she herself operates and therefore sees everyone else.

So MM has convinced me: MM’s hypothesis apparently is true for MM herself b/c she herself apparently is driven just by emotion to do whatever she does, driven only to seek an emotional payoff for whatever she does, and reality/truth rarely, if ever, enter into her “thought” processes and/or behavior. You win MM. Pleasant dreams, and have a lovely July 4th.
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