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Default Re: Self-Control of Thought

I do believe I might have an answer. There are two kinds of thoughts (that are relevant to answering your question).

1) Lower order thoughts

2) Higher order thoughts

Lower order thoughts (aka 'first order thoughts') are thoughts about things. So (in this case) a thought - about the act of fornication.

Higher order thoughts are thoughts about thoughts. So (in this case) a thought - about (the thought about fornication).

Clear as mud?


I am struggling with the passage but related to the control thing...

If someone is a kleptomaniac...
And really enjoys stealing really very much
But has the higher order desire not to enjoy stealing...
Then on some theories this person is not free.

So if first and second order desires conflict then the person isn't free.

So if someone thinks about fornication a great deal and really gets off on that...
But they have the higher order desire that they wish to god they didn't get off on those kinds of thoughts...
Then there is a sense in which they are not free.

Don't know if that was related at all. I do believe that was... David Hume on freedom.

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