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Default PTSD and Control Mastery

Please forgive my ignorance but I am wondering if Control Mastery would be effective for combat related PTSD diagnosis. I am a student and need to design a research project. I would like to present this proposal to my colleagues but do not want to be on the wrong track.

CBT has been proven effective for those suffering from PTSD but of course, it is vital to continue to investigate additional theories and methods. One of the determinants of PTSD is past trauma, which can affect the person's ability to cope with later trauma. For this reason, my thought is that CM would be effective for those in the category who suffered earlier, and combat traumas, but may not be appropriate for those with only the one-time experience. The other thought is that it may be effective for those with chronic PTSD who have suffered several years vs. those who have recently experienced the trauma.

Becuase Control Mastery is a very good theory for a new practitioner, my hope is that the research would show that it is effective for veterans suffering from combat-related PTSD but I would really appreciate input.

Again, please forgive my ignorance.

Thank you,
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