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Question Re: Praying in session

Dave a question for you please, you speak of our "inner values". Are they just ours, or are they intinsic in the system? I studied social anthroplology at Toronto under Edmund Carpenter (an avowed anti-theist) in the mid-sixties. What really shocked me as an atheist at that time, was how very universal these values really are. Many had no apparent value to the survival of the species in natural selection terms, as far as I could see. It made no sense that the strong should lay down their lives for the weak and thus degrade the human genome, so I got in a big quandry and finally concluded that values appear to be intinsic in the fabric of Space-Time in some way I could not understand. If that is the case, it is no big intellectual jump to assume a "mind" as part of the cosmological model. By the way, I am a member (sorry it is lapsed at the moment) of the Royal Canadian Astronomical Society and my son is a physicist specialized in quantuum mechanics. My special interest is cosmology and I have astronomer friends in the field most of whom are theistic. So although I am lacking in a mathematical background sufficient to work in this area, I am not uninformed. It troubles me that only in the biological sciences is their such a high proportion of anti-theists!

So Dave, from whence do you acquire these "values" and why do they exist? That will be a very difficult question to answer if you think deeply about it. A theistic view helps while at the same time I gladly acknowledge that any knowledge of a "mind" of such proportions, can at times be at best misleading, unless of course that mind should show His hand and be interested in us.
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