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Unhappy Re: Praying in session


Yes God "assists" us. But in my worldview He is the one that changed/healed me from two addictions i had. I asked for his help and prayed and over time it wasn't anything that i did differently. I asked for His help. HE changed me. How can you explain that? That ties into the second problem i was talking about that you didn't address. How does the client change? I understand about "bottoming out." But before that happens how does change happen? Is it wanting to please the therapist? For me talking about my problems didn't help. And talking about them didnt help me to want to change. But with God His power or whatever you want to call it, He stopped me and took away the desire from these addictions. How can a humanistic theory assist anyone to want to change? I know that could be another topic for a different group but it doesn't fit into the other categories.

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