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Question Re: Praying in session


I brought that topic up for a reason. I did my thesis on prayer and when i went looking for journal resources most of the stuff i came across were articles against praying in session. Most said that was regarded for the field of pastoral counseling. Presently i have a therapist who has honored my request for opening the session and/or ending the session in prayer and me reading a short prayer from a bok. The therapist is also a christian as i am though he/she is not listed as a christian counselor. I guess it helps greatly if the therapist is of the same religion as the client. Some articles i found informed me that most secular therapists who are't religious do not become knowledgable of the clients religious background because they do not want to engage in it even though it is important to the client. I guess it greatly depends on the therapist and the client and their religious backgrounds. Personally, i have found great solice in others praying for me to the point of inner healing. But it is hard to find a therapist who will openly pray. I think most therapists find they do not believe in anything outside of theories that will "heal."

Now this brings up another point that has been bothering me:Where is the power to change in secular therapy? How does the client change? With God, He is the changer, if you will. Just a few thoughts.
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