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Unhappy Re: Criminal Reponsibility/Filicide

What a testament to our system.

Woman is mentally ill. Woman cant get adequate care. Woman kills her children. Woman is thrown in jail.

Maybe Doctors get a slap on the wrist - we dont know. Although if they had done their job this wouldnt have happened. The doctors probably continue to practice, although if I was in their shoes I would feel so much guilt I dont think I could. And if they dont feel the guilt what does that say about their ability to feel remorse?

Managed care companies get a slap on the wrist, and runs of to do it again. Its just cheaper that way. Money is involved, so I am not even gonna comment on "ability to feel remorse".

Personally, I think the decision makers of the managed care companies belong in prison with a life time sentence.

Mental health professionals, and students like myself, sits by and watch it all happening, and we dont do anything to make the system right. Where do we belong?

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