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Default job interview vs confidentiality

hi, i recently was interviewed for a postion which entails working with a small staff of psychologists (5+-). during the course of the interview - which went extremely well - the names of my prospective colleagues came up. i immediately recognised one of the names as a parent of a child i had been seeing a while back suffering from a severe mental condition. in the course of our sessions i had also met the parents a number of times. for a number of considerations, i decided that to work together with this parent/therapist would be quite uncomfortable for both of us, thus my decision was to decline accepting the position.
here is my dillema, since the interrview had been very positive, with a clear intial message on my part of being interested in accepting the job, to decline for some made-up reason could have damaging effects to my credability. my thought was to share with the interviewer that in the course of our interview i realized that i had had a therapeutic relationship with a family member of someone on his staff -obviously without mentioning names - which would possible create an awkward situation for all. i would request of him to keep this in confidence.
how does this sound ethically (especially in light of the small amount of staff members - potentially being the one alluded to)?
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