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Wink Re: Depression Discussion

I like the balance of what you said in your last post Brian. What interests me as a flow on is working with both the individual and the field that they emerge from. I feel to work in a phenomenological sense using the five questions for example is powerful in seeing how one sculpts thier reality. Then the field of course is inseperable like in the example that you give of long term unemployment. I am thinking of Gestalt writters like Tobin who from memory aspouse to the idea of not collaborating with the client to deaden themselves in any way. This if I am right is a beautiful notion but I wonder about its practicality. Meaning, to me the field seems to present individuals with some fixed issues that they may well be able to percieve differently but not shift on a society level in one life time. Are there some inherent problems within the field that cause the odds to be very slim, in that there structure which one is embeded within, will likely threaten the ability to overcome depression, rather just be a case of managing for example a mild ongoing version of. This I guess relates to creative adjustments and to be in a free flowing authentic state seems to be a massive challenge as long as the field threatens that existance. Is this cynical or practical I'm not sure? Invite your comment.
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