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Default Re: Two Books Out This Week

Hello, Sandra!

I just finished reading your book (cover to cover, I might add!) and really enjoyed it. Having attended the workshop you gave in Boise several years ago, it was great to find the information even easier to understand and follow in this format.

2 questions:

1. In your bibliography, you list 'Taming the Storm: 43 Secrets of Successful Stabilization' as a workshop given at EMDRIA Seattle. Is there any way I can get that information?

2. I have several clients with significant dissociative symptoms - one of whom is diagnosed with both DID and BPD. Do you ever do professional case consultations, and if so, what would be the cost? We've integrated many of her alters over the past 4 years, but she's been stalled for a while now and I'm stumped.

Glad to find this forum and hope to hear from you soon.

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