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Mark Steyn recently warned all of us about telling the truth too soon. I'm going to ignore him. And Charles Krauthammer insists that BO is a dreamer rather than a doer and should plead "incompetent" or "dreamer" rather than "guilty." ( Krauthammer may be wrong!

Cloward-Piven suggested crashing governments by loading up entitlement programs. CP was published in 1966 and a surge of welfare enrollment nearly crashed New York City. BO's fiascos fit the CP script and include foreign affairs (China, Korea, AfgPak, Israel, middle Europe, South America, Africa), stimulus bills, health care, budget waste, bailouts, union pensions, unemployment, Fannie/Freddie, and rescues from high credit card debt. In all of these things, people are bought as if children scrambling for hard candy at a Halloween parade.

Irony: the most honest crook may be Rahm Emanuel who told everyone that no crisis should be wasted. That remark told us that BO deliberately makes messes rather than creating them by blunders. Multiplier: BO likes grand things and may take pride in the grandeur of his chaos. Forgive me, I've tried to be good but have to say it: "Impeach. Remove. Imprison."

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