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Default Help in treating a child who selectively speaks

Hi, I am working with a child who is 6 years old. She only speaks when prompted to, at school, and with me. I am counseling her. This is difficult when she will not talk. The mom is mildly retarded and the father is an alcholic. The parents both go into rages when they are angry. They smash things and punch holes in the walls. The father has been abusive with the mom. He is verbally and physically abusive.

The child shows very little emotion. When ask to take a book from me, she will just stand and stare at me. She does talk to the parents and siblings. The brother who is 4 picks on her constantly. She has gotten so angry that she has smashed out her windows in her bedroom.

She also wets her pants frequently. The medication she was on was alderol, and the mom took her off of it when she heard the reports on tv that it was dangerous. The mom stopped the medicine without the doctors advice. She did not even wean her off. The child was sick and vomiting and shaking. I tried to convince the mom that she needed to put her back on the meds until she saw the childs doctor.

I want to know how I can help this child. Why she will not talk among strangers? I want to do the best things for her, but not sure what that is. I am open to all suggestions.

Thank you.
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