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Thumbs up Re: Welcome to the Forum - Volume 8 of the CCWAA Just Published !!!

The Good News!

Well the good news is that for the first time that I know of, in the English language, we have Adler in his maturity with the fullness of his elegant theory playing like the sweet heavenly sounds of a Frere Casavant pipe organ, or a "Strad" violin in a complete and scholarly translation. I have just read the first two chapters and it is a delight. Any serious Adlerian psychologist must add this book to his/her reading!

The Bad News!

We all need to read the prior seven volumes again and again and again. This theory is like string theory in cosmology. It is a veritable theory of everything in psychology but its nuances are subtle and deep. Henry has had the rich privilege of training with Sophia whom he quotes as saying that she "read some of Adler every day". Only the truly educated and wise would do such a thing. To learn this psychology is a task that is never done; a work that is always in progress, but such a joy and such a help to a suffering mankind.

I commend this book and thank Henry and Gerry who have laboured so long and hard in this wonderful translation project. Hats of to you both and my utmost thanks.
George Neeson M.D.
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