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Default Re: Tennis, I mean, Life Coaching Anyone?

On coaches - there are financial coaches, business coaches, small business coaches, Internet marketing coaches, sales coaches. Life coaches as I mentioned before usually focus on the future - goal setting, plans for how to get from point A to point B, support in carrying out those plans. Some coaches have specialized training in one aspect of sports or business, or whatever else as well. It is a buyer beware market though. I tend to think getting therapy is also a buyer beware. licensing does not guarantee a single thing.

On BNI. BNI costs close to $1000 a year. It is often not cost effective for small business owners. Sometimes groups of professionals get together and establish their own groups with the same basic ideas of BNI. Those are significantly cheaper. Some people find this step invaluable - others find that it is not worth the time and financial investment. I used one such group for my massage practice, and definitely got business from it. It was worth my investment of $100 a year. It might be a little harder for a therapist though. You would have to think twice about treating someone in the group for instance. A networking group consisting of health professionals might be a good idea. You will be expected to use the services of other people in the group, and refer possible customers to them as well. BNI would not have been worth it for me.

On advertisting. I have found my own therapist, and I have helped several friends find therapists. First stop - online! Sorry Dr. Reid, not using the Internet just put you in the dark ages. . I really like the psychology today listings. If a therapist doesnt have some kind of description of themselves online then they dont exist for me, or those I interact with. Seriously, absent a specific referral from someone having just a small blurp online gives me something to help me sort through phone numbers. Even if you do the psychology today listings, I would still set up a small 3-5 page website with more information and some articles. This increases your credibility, and if I like what you write I am much more likely to come to you. Dr. Reid is correct when he mentions just getting yourself into the community in various forms. Also, writing some articles and getting them published - and then publish them on your web site as well. Instant credibility. Finding some psychiatrists to exchange referrals with would also be a good idea. In fact, any health or mental health related practitioner might be good to exchange referrals with. For instance, you might be with one person for whom you recommend couples therapy as well as individual therapy. Massage therapists run in to people with emotional issues all the time. You might sometimes run into someone who needs some body work to support your work. If there are any web sites with message boards that provide networking opportunities specifically for your area I would suggest it as well. Look at for an example. Obviously, such boards would have to be chosen carefully. My above example is very well respected and known within a local community.

In the end, marketing is hard work. It is never something you can do once and then stop doing. The more you interact with a variety of people the more exposure you get.

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