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Default Re: Help in treating a child who selectively speaks

Hi, You were discussing a child in an abusive situation..My personal experience is that the child is being abused mentally and physically. My daughter was abused by my first husband. He would throw things and break things when he was mad or did not get his way. You have not gained the little girls trust. She feels that you can not protect her from her parent or parents. It all sounds very familiar. My ex-husband never had any agressive behavior toward my child in front of me. When she was left alone with her he would scare the living day lights out of her. He would lock her in a cold dark basement after I left for work. He told her that he would kill me and she would be next. He told her if she told anyone he would kill them to. He also convinced her that if the police took her away she would never see me or any of my family again. She is afraid to take anything from you for fear of most likely being beaten with the object or being tormented with it in some way. Place the child and her family in a room with video and audio and see how they interact. If you are uncomfortable with this suggestion call child protective services. You have a couple of options you can tell them who you are or keep your identity a secret. The family needs intervention before somebody is killed. Quit feeling helpless and save those children before they turn out as disfuntional as thier parents are.
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