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Default Ericksonian intervention in relatives? (parents, couple, etc)

Hi people,

there is something that has me thinking, and i don't see any reference in the texts i've consulted about Ericksonian techniques, this is:

can i try to make a change -a deliberate, ericksonian change- in a system i'm part of?

there's a symbiotic relation between my couple and his mother. also these kind of dynamics replicate -with variations- in our relationship

now, either being this intervention a directive i give to my couple, or something i assume for myself as an strategic part of the change... could it be done? is it possible?

something tell me it could be,
but this confuses me... did erickson applied his own therapeutic principles to his daily relations? (as a way to solve problems)

systemically, i think recursiveness bites my own tail... but i also think ericksonian thought "escapes" traditional systemic analysis
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