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Default Welcome to the Creative Arts Therapies Forum

We invite you to join this discussion on the professional practice of creative arts therapies. We hope the diversity of artistic modalities and approaches will be represented, and we are always open to new viewpoints on the creative process in therapy.

Possible topics might include:

  • Art-based research
  • Art and the environment
  • Art and spirituality
  • Cultural dimensions of creative arts therapies
  • Ethics of care
  • The relationship between visual arts, performance, music.
  • Theory
  • Treatment outcomes
  • The therapist's own art making
  • Variety of professional settings
  • Discussion of case vignettes (all identifying information must be changed)
This dialogue is open only to qualified professionals and students preparing for a professional role. Please do not post advertisements for events or links to other websites unless you are responding to a specific question.

Please read our disclaimer.

Martin Perdoux and Cathy Malchiodi

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