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Default Re: PTSD from near death experience

Thanks for your replies, what do you mean by defences? how do you know if a defence is getting in your way? my therapist says that because I have trauma and personality problems that the emdr is a longer process and the shifts will be less significant as opposed to someone with strictly a trauma backround. We're working on my defences but it's really hard for me to notice them as defences but I guess that would be the point of having them? I was wondering if an adjecent therapy would be useful in breaking down these defences such as hypnotherapy? This was actually my first outreach but it was like $90 a session and we never got into any "trance" states so I don't know if that would or could enhance the results with emdr. I asked my therapist about it but he said that he didn't even want to discuss it, that hypnotherapy was out of the question for me but I couldn't help but think that he was only saying that in fear that I may stop our therapy sessions and go to someone else? I do trust him but am also desperate to speed this process along. Another thing I noticed was that after our second session using emdr I began dreaming every single night, which was new to me seeing how I was insomniatic for over a year without any dreams whatsoever...he also says that what comes up in my dreams could be the key to bringing my feelings out of my unconcious and to begin recording them right when awake so I plan to do this also. Apparentely I have some pretty strong defences in place so how do I break them down? How do you know if they're being broken down? I want them gone! I want to get better and finally move on with my life so any input would be helpful, thanks for your time.
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