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Just to add to the previous examples you have quoted of the influence of individual psychology on Jung’s system. Richard Noll wrote the following in his endnotes to chapter 8 of The Aryan Christ The Secret Life of Carl Jung,"Jung used the term "guiding fictions" in his 1913 essay on psychological types. It echoes very similar concepts by Alfred Adler".
In the 1921 book Psychological Types,chapter XI, Jung also acknowledges the following "compensation ... was introduced into the psychology of the neuroses by Adler...the significant thing about this conception is the undeniable and empirically demonstrable existence of a compensating function in the sphere of psychological process”. Also in the essay The Aims Of Psychotherapy Jung writes "I recognize how much my work has been furthered first by Freud then by Adler: and whenever possible I apply their standpoints to my practical treatment of patients"

I agree, it is unfortunate, considering the extent to which Adler’s ideas have been appropriated, that Adler’s particular insights into the idea of community feeling, solidly based in Kant’s interpretation of commonsense, have not being incorporated into more psychological systems.

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