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Default Re: free will, determinism, and morality

Alex, another observation—Tom says, “I have always said that I would accept evidence, and here you admit that there is none.”

Interestingly, what Tom has unwittingly acknowledged is that, using his backwards “reasoning,” he would not have believed in the blackbody radiation ultraviolet catastrophe prior to 1900, although the evidence was overwhelming that the ultraviolet catastrophe was real and existed . . . so apparently Tom wouldn’t have believed it b/c the then known laws couldn’t explain it. Hello? Earth to Tom? You have things backwards.

What Tom seems unable to grasp is that as the evidence is overwhelming that the universe and we humans do in fact exist, so too is the evidence overwhelming that we humans experience the phenomena of consciousness, free will, moral responsibility, at least to some extent, that such things do indeed exist; as so too was the evidence that the blackbody radiation ultraviolet catastrophe existed.

For example, I can’t explain Tom’s unthinking knee-jerk responses to many things discussed in this forum, but that his unthinking knee-jerk responses do exist is, unfortunately, real and undeniable.
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