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Question CBT and nausea

I am looking for suggestions for treating very persistent nausea with CBT.

Nausea is apparently a very common side effect of Hepatitis C. I have a client who has nausea, including both nausea with what he calls 'flopping fish' and actual vomiting. About 80% of the time he only has nausea, but the flopping, which is almost seizurelike, interferes with his daily life. This is a daily symptom. He has been worked up medically to no avail and he is taking the standard medications for Hep C and attendant nausea.

My observation is that the client's nausea is increased when he is anxious, under stress or having problems with his partner. That has me thinking that some portion of his nausea could be ameliorated with therapy. I am seeking suggestions of a routine or protocol for addressing nausea with CBT.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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