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Default Re: Evolutionary Psychology and Mental Dysfunction

Lol. Yeah, internet addiction, I've read a thing or two about that ;-)

It is a controversial notion that was originally introduced as a joke but it is taken fairly seriously now. Substance addictions are controversial... Addictions to things like sex and gambelling even more so... Addiction to the internet even more so... It does seem plausible that people can develop some kind of obsession / compulsion for just about anything, however.

I was reading this study about a person in Germany who developed DID (formerly multiple personality disorder) after spending a little too much time playing role playing games on the internet. The person reported her personalities being developled around themes in the game... Controversial though.

I do spend more time on the internet than it good for me... I like to post at mental health sites and talk to consumers too... I studied delusions a while back and found it interesting to talk to people who sounded delusional. Otherwise there is a danger that I study those kinds of things in a way that is far removed from the actual phenomena that is of interest. And that... I lose my empathy etc.

But yeah, there is a time to post, a time to check out the blogs, and a time to do some work. Speaking of work...

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