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Default Re: Evolutionary Psychology and Mental Dysfunction

"Wakefield thus thinks that evolutionary psychology is the right science to tell us whether there is mental disorder or not."

Hello Alexandra....

1) All males have something to sell, Wakefield has something to sell: be cautious. EP sometimes has problems justifying its own sanity. A friend too long out of contact, Dylan Evans, was really into this topic about 10 years ago. Check also Stevens & Price. And tell Dylan that I said "Hi."

2) Peers (starting with mothers, then wives, the guys on the team or at work) pull us into synchrony with them.

3) Synchrony lapses have varied consequences.

There is probably no dependable relationship between what a person does and what is called crazy.

Gordon Paul (about 1963) discussed sync lapses but didn't use that term. People are institutionalized if:

1) They are poor
2) They are bizaare
3) They have no supportive family
4) They are deficient in self care.

All four are required, have one of them intact and you will likely remain free.

Todd, Fred, Cary...behave!

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