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Default Re: Aching arm!! Advice please

These are curious facts. They approve (and maybe pay for) for training and use of EMDR but not of a device that will protect you from a work-related ergonomic injury and, if you were in this country, an expensive disabling chronic work-caused chronic condition? Very curious.

In any case, depending on the law, license, agency policy and the logical minds of the power that be, one could conceivably tap on the clients knees, or use a hand-held tapping device (they might not like that either). Using a wand takes some of the pressure off, because it extends the length of the arm requiring less movement of the joints.

Be sure to distribute the movement equally among the wrist, elbow and shoulder, but once you're injured, you pretty much have to give it a rest.

Other options, have them tap on themselves or move their eyes under your direction (say left right left right outloud). Both those are somewhat humbug, less restful for the patient.

I would love to know the logic on forbidding the use of a device that prevents injury for a procedure that is approved for use, when all emdr practitioners typically do use a device.

I like the neurotek handheld because you can use auditory, tactile or even if you are very clever, eye movements (have them watching the little tiny lights blink left right).

Perhaps an angle is a bit of education for the relevant manager, who sounds frightened of something they don't understand, or perhaps there is a quaint law about the use of devices requiring a medical license or something.

You might ask Doug at Neurotek in Colorado USA (just use your search engine "EMDR Neurotek" if he has any data or educational description for naive budget managers about the incidence of injury and use of devices. Good luck. I'd have to retire from EMDR if I didn't use a device.

Oh one more idea. If they permit the use of CD's or an MP3 player, you could use recorded left-right sound. David Grand has a bunch of music left right but it isn't really EMDR. I don't know if he has a basic left right without music.

Here's another one. If you have a computer in your office, you could go to ....I think it is practice magic software and there is a little primitive eye-movement software you can download to your computer, called There & Back to assist in conducting EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

To the public readers, be aware that there is MUCH MUCH more to EMDR than eye movements or any form of bilateral stim. Just like there is a lot more to surgery than having a sharp knife and making an incision. There is knowing where to cut, what to do when you get in there are how to stitch people up. So don't be silly and try to do self administered EMDR for the PTSD giving you grief. You'll make an awful mess.

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