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Default Is this typical?

I searched the archives and didn't see this specific question asked. I know you can't comment on my case specifically, but would like to know, in general, if this is a common response to EMDR.

I've had a few EMDR sessions so far to deal with childhood trauma. The sessions have been with my therapist, who I have been seeing for over a year. Each time, we've only dealt with one small part of a memory that has been disturbing. The majority of the time has been spent installing a safe place and introducing an ally, who has had some really insightful, comforting things to say.

Each session, I've felt fairly relaxed and maybe even a little numb. Nothing has felt very triggering or emotional. However, after I leave, for several hours or a day afterward, I feel much more unsettled, like things have been stirred up more than I realized and it takes a while to quiet back down. I cry afterward (yet feel unable to cry during the session).

I'm just wondering if it's common for the majority of the processing to take place after the session is complete? Should I be somehow letting these emotions move more during the EMDR so that it's better contained once I leave? (and if so, how?)

In one case, more of the memory surfaced after the session, which was really unsettling. It took several hours to get grounded and feel present again.

Just trying to decipher what is "normal" and if I should be concerned.
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