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Red face Online therapy - Does it work?


Were you "talking" to me in addressing what? Does online therapy work? As a person who has tried it a few times the word trauma comes to mind. It can be helpful in different ways. Though I had to weed through a few to find a competent therapist. As someone pointed out somewhere Dr. Freud sat behind the patient so he could not see if the client was crying or not. Todays therapists are so hung up on the senses thing. "We must see the client! We must hear the client!

If Dr, Grohol is lurking about, I am also a beginning therapist, not just a client, so you don't have to worry about me spilling my guts all over the screen.

Even though these online T's have their credentials listed some can be whacky and crazy and it is traumatic when a client finds those people.

Some of the benefits of online therapy is that one can post anytime and not wait for the next session. That is what i love. In f2f one is told to hold the thought or feeling...for the next session. But online one can type out their feelings and get a quicker reply. If one is crying or angry and the session is up, who wants to pull that emotion back up next week? It doesn't make sense.

Anyone care to comment?

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