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Cool Re: Anyone want to comment???

Hi Brian. I'm not sure how these threads work and whether I should reply to message 1 or the last message, so am trying in both places. I'm visiting your forum for the first time in about three years. Actually I like this format where you have to log in to look at the messages. I tend to be more of a "lurker," checking in on postings and only participating when I find something that really grabs my interest. I used to get frustrated by the frequent habit on Gestalt-L of one person posting ten messages a day or more--it happened on a humanistic psychology listserv I previously was on and sometimes happens on the Amsterdam Conference planning listserv. I try to limit myself to one posting a day in order not to clog others' inboxes unless there are multiple messages I'm responding to.

Three substantive messages:
1. It occurred to me to check in on your forum while in the middle of radically rebuilding the Gestalt site at Sonoma State University, which I am still in the middle of redoing. (If you want to visit, it's at

I notice that the GANZ journal is hardcopy only. Perhaps you might consider the possibility of posting a few of your most interesting articles to establish an online presence there. You could probably get Phil to put in links to them, and I certainly would.

2. If you know anyone who is going to the Amsterdam Conference who has something interesting to offer, PLEASE SUGGEST THAT THEY SUBMIT A WORKSHOP OR PRESENTATION PROPOSAL. Including you if you plan to attend. So far proposals are coming in more slowly than we would like. Entirely new presentations should be sent to


and presentations that have been done at another Gestalt conference elsewhere in the world and have already been peer-reviewed should be sent to

3. When I went to register at Behavior Online, I got a bad connection that went nowhere when I was in Netscape. I got in through Explorer. I haven't tried Safari or Firefox.

I hope all is going well with your presidency of AAGT. Are you going to Amsterdam?

All the best, Victor
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