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Dear Lillian,
While not wanting to take anything away from the Gestalt Forum at BOL, there is another international Gestalt group. That would be the on-line community known as Gstalt-L ( While BOL is a bulletin board format, Gstalt-L is a listserv, with a web-based archive. While the BOL forum seems to be largely focused on topics, Gstalt-L is topics within the context of relationship. As with any on-line, interactive group, the contributing subscribers comprise a small per cent of the total members. There are people at Gstalt-L from the UK, the USA, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Australia and New Zealand, France, Germany, Russia, Kyrgyzstan ... well, it is international. Because it is also about relationships, in addition to discussing Gestalt therapy theory and practice, the people at Gstalt-L play, talk about their personal lives, get angry, talk about politics and religion, and they explore these things, and the connection people have with one another - as most Gestalt oriented people would. The members are students and established clinicians, Gestalt trainers and trainees alike. Thus, I would advocate that people interested in Gestalt utilize both BOL and Gstalt-L.

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