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Smile Clinical Applications of Cognitive Therapy now in Second Edition

The original Clinical Applications of Cognitive Therapy (Freeman, Pretzer, Fleming & Simon, 1990) is a book I'm proud of. It was a volume written for practitioners that took the basic principles of CT at provided a detailed discussion of how they're applied in treating depression, suicidality, anxiety disorders, and each of the personality disorders. The relevant research was discussed but the biggest emphasis was on clear explanations and concrete examples taken from clinical practice. We were quite pleased to hear from clinicians that the book actually was useful.

Now, after quite a struggle, Clinical Applications of Cognitive Therapy, Second Edition (Freeman, Pretzer, Fleming & Simon, 2004) has been completed and is in print (from Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publications). We've updated our previous coverage to take into account the research and clinical innovation that has occurred over the past 15 years. In addition, we've added chapters discussing CT with Children and Adolescents, CT with Couples and Families, CT in Groups, and CT with Substance Abuse.

I'll be interested in hearing what people think. My sense is that it came out quite well. (Disclosure: Obviously I'm an author and may well be biased - buy it and find out.)
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