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Default Re: When the therapist screws up

Issue of timing. I didn't follow up till two days later, when I feel I should have been checking the next day, and could have easily called her phone no. In the end I did finally locate her number and left a message and she got back to me right away and said she was doing fine. There was also the communication thing on my part where I didn't check with the crisis worker to make sure she had left a message, and in fact she had not, so the client was upset about this. I guess I just feel like I dropped the ball in the communication department, and had I slowed down and thought it through, all my worry and overreacting might have been saved by a simple phone call.

Like I said, I think the situation is resolved, but from the information I have now, the client did follow through and called to check in when she was supposed to, and I just didn't get that piece of information. So truthfull I can understand her being a bit pissed when she apparently had held up her end of the bargain.
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