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Default Updated suggestions for successful "Home Practice"

  1. Avoid the term "Homework" (except with individuals who like homework and do it consistently).
  2. Watch for counterproductive attitudes (yours or theirs).
  3. Provide a clear rationale that they can relate to (such as learning a sport, learning to play an instrument, or learning to cook).
  4. Develop assignments collaboratively.
  5. Tailor assignments to the individual.
  6. Make sure that they see a clear connection between the assignments and their goals.
  7. Keep assignments realistic and manageable.
  8. Anticipate impediments and plan how to deal with them.
  9. Consider using the Action Plan form, setting up reminders, and/or involving significant others.
  10. Describe, demonstrate, do, and discuss.
  11. Ask if they have any objections and take any objections seriously.
  12. In the next session remember the assignment, find out if they did it, what the results were, and what conclusions they draw from it.
  13. If they didn't do the assignment, pick a time when they thought of doing the assignment but ended up not doing it.
Have them describe the situation, what led up to it, and how they were feeling, then ask what thoughts went through their head.
Notice what stopped them from completing the assignment.
Jointly figure out what changes to make so that they'll be successful in completing the assignment.
At the end of the session, make sure they remember what the assignment is and what the point to it is. Make sure that they are willing to complete the assignment and feel capable of doing so. If not, revise the assignment

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