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Default Re: free will, determinism, and morality

TomJ: I think it brings us a lot of clarity: people are not ultimately responsible for their actions but we must react to and control some of their actions for the sake of the future. Plus, we can think of someone as being unfortunate rather than evil.
Alex, do you see what I mean by Tom's intellectual dishonesty, his utter lack of any kind of rigor—by Tom’s reckoning here, Hitler and Stalin were “not ultimately responsible for their actions,” and they were “unfortunate rather than evil” . . . next he’ll spray Pine-Sol on a turd and insist it’s a Christmas tree.

Also Alex, if you’re still wondering why I “post these kinds of posts,” it’s b/c, at least in this case, no one is calling Tom on the obvious and ugly implications of his half-ass “rationalizations.”
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