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Default Re: Adlerian Family Tree & Timeline

Dear Henry,
I think there is a small error in Leonhard Seif's name - in your list it is written Leonard Sief. However, I presume you mean Seif. The relevant dates for Seif are 1866-1949. There has been some controversy about him, because during the nazi-period he was "honored" as an "inventor" of individual psychology. The name of Adler's school was changed to "we-psychology", and Seif was to act as the "real Aryan inventor". Seif had been one of closest co-workers of A.A. According to Phyllis Bottome, it was a great schock to her that Seif acted as he did "because this man had a conscience". Seif had been Bottome's mentor, as well as Alice Rühle-Gerstel's and M.H.Görings mentor. Rühle-Gerstel was one of the marxist Adlerians, while M.H.Göring became famous as a founder of the "Göring-Institute" during the Nazi-period. About this institute, see the book by Cocks. According to Ansbacher, Seif was no nazi hack in spite of his close connections with the governmental authorities during this period. - Most of facts here, I have from the history of IP written by Bruder-Bezzel.

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