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Default Re: Comments on Adlerian teleology

I re-reading your post, I realized I hadn't responded to the "moral accountability" question. I wonder that since the fictional goal is created by the child under his/her particular circumstances, that moral accountability and justice must be tempered by compassion and recognition we are all imperfect creatures. But since as an adult, if I cling to my goal, I am responsible for that whether I am conscious of it or not. I'm reminded of the "twinky defense" of Dan White - let off the hook for murder for diminished capacity. Or if I was abused as a child and commit a violent crime as an adult partly as a result of that abuse, should my parents go to jail as well? If I'm not held morally accountable for my behavior, what are the consequences to the community which we are all a part of?? Can moral accountability be seem as separate from the community interest?
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