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Default Re: Comments on Adlerian teleology

It seems to me the therapist must work to be clear in his/her own mind where he/she is coming from re: his own lifestyle and attitudes. The attitude of the therapist should be away from striving for power over the client or for personal superiority. The therapist should be letting go of that and hopefully have re-directed his striving for the community feeling - social interest (This is where study-analysis is so important). I think every school of thought makes value judgements whether they recognize them as such or not. I think every time any therapist is thinking about what is healthy or not healthy on the part of the client that is a value judgement. Adlerians are perhaps more clear about stating their values (social interest). It's not about "Good or Bad" moralistically, it's about useful and not so useful, better or worse functioning, helping vs. hurting others. We all need to make judgements in the sense of making evaluations, but being judgemental is different - being judgemental is about one-up-man-ship, personal superiority, setting oneself up as a god (in the extreme case). Your parole officer woman would seem to me to stay clear on the power she needs to excerise in the professional role she is in which is as a servant of the community's interests (which would include helping the parolee where appropriate), vs. feeling like she is hurting or victimizing the parolee for what the parolee has brought on to himself for breaking important rules. People learn - hopefully - from consequences and re-deciding their life directions. ( I hope I have understood the situation).

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