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Thumbs up Re: Does Art Therapy Reclaim Lost Art?

Congratulations on your writing. I encourage writers to workshop their work with several groups, as the writing process should be collaborative and not solitary. I find that there are many levels of feedback to be integrated into the successive drafts of any writing. In the case of professional writing like the chapter you mention, I recommend having it read for content, ideas, developmental editing, by people in your field, or in neighboring fields. At the same time, it is important to have it workshopped by people who know nothing about art therapy, preferably seasonned creative writers, who can advise you on the craft of your prose. These people are an important test for the readability of your ideas, since ideally, even professional ideas should be understandable by a layperson.
Incidentally, I am available for individual writing mentoring, for a fee, but you could also create your own writing group for free. That is what most people do.

As for the second part of your question, you probably know more than I do about working with sexual predators. The quotes from Thomas Moore are about a more benign client population. I invite you to continue a thread on this work of yours. It seems to me that the preverbal depth of image work, like art therapy, is particularly indicated with people who resort to primitive defenses, just as it is for people with other addictions.
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